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Doge 2048

Wow such amaze, many funs!

Doge 2048 is based on the 2048 game and follows the same rules.

Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same Doge touch, they merge into a more awesome Doge. When a Doge 2048 tile is created, you win!

Need more details on how to play?

  • Doge is animated! But you can turn this off in settings if too much to handle.
  • Google Play Games integration! High Score and Winner leader boards, compete with your friends and random humans around the world.
  • Unlock achievements for doing a good jorb!
  • Don't like the move you just made? Undo it.
  • Keep playing after you reach 2048 and even after you reach 4096! Just play till you can't move no more.
  • Games automatically save so you can go back to them later
  • Many wows!

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Doge 2048 app has been developed by Michael Carrano.